Blood Red Milk

by Zanja Madre

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Electronic arrangements of three old songs, plus four new instrumental pieces.

Cover art by Beth Parker (


released March 13, 2019


all rights reserved



Zanja Madre Los Angeles, California

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Track Name: Feral (And Loving It!)
Cats fighting in the alleyway wake me from my sleep
Defenders of territory, noble and mean
And the moon’s floodlight from a zenith in the sky
Catches for a second those marble eyes

Nothing to eat
Too cold to sleep
Walk the whole night through
Icy nose and frozen toes
Show me how you

Stick to the side of shadows and step so silently
Across the lava fields, ancient and bleak
Appear then disappear as you perk up your ears
Not a living soul for miles and nothing to fear

Just the fake escape of vagrancy
Freedom never stays
A feral wind picks up again
And carries me away
Track Name: Crop Circles (Or Sensitive and Stupid)
The lion that comes to me
With the head of the past
Keeps the heart of a parliament
And all the things that I lack
But what could I do?
What could I do?

Turn away
Crash that single passenger plane
Laugh it off
Laugh until the feelings all just stop

Now the fossil in permafrost
A copper thief in the grass
Decaying symbols of gold
At the lemonade stand
But what could I do?
What good could I do?

Sink or swim
The same fate now I’m always so vacant
And gone so far
To not come back is easier

Thoughts so cruel crop up soon
Shapes and lines that show up overnight
And there’s no one around to tell or even thank

So I keep it all in again
Until it doesn’t exist
The quiet murmur of life
I always heard it persists
But I hear nothing now
And feel nothing at all

But I will wait
Like a soldier before daybreak
And dig and dig
One day I won’t come up empty handed
Track Name: Rain Dance (All the Way to Teotihuacan)
The pyramid in the sun casts a long shadow on
The Avenue of the Dead
Our temples begin to crumble and the soil turns to dust
What has happened to us?

Somewhere we went wrong, stalks of corn turning brown
And bending towards the ground
Clouds begin to gather, the furrowed brows of our gods
But rain never falls

Hand in hand we pray and plant and pray again
Send off each seed with a kiss and a blessing

To guide and light its path through the starry aftermath
The feathered serpent
Will return

Brown smoky sky, ash and flames rising high
Last thing I see before I die
First they built the fire then tied me up right there inside
And danced all night

All eyes now on mountain peak and breaking clouds
Catch a glimpse of scales and a feathered tail

Glide and then descend like a welcomed old friend
Who somehow changed
Now breathing fire


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